November 20, 2015

HP’s World’s Widest All-in-One Is Technicolor Color Certified

Technicolor Assures that HP’s All-in-One Displays Colors, Movies, and Games as Creators Envisioned.

The new HP Envy 34 is the world’s widest curved all-in-one computer, with a 34-inch curved display that is Technicolor Color Certified. The curved all-in-one is created with other advanced technologies, including Intel’s latest 6th-gen Skylake CPU, NVIDIA’s GeForce 960A graphics card, and an IPS display, all to deliver an immersive entertainment experience.  The Envy 34 is joined by two new flat screen all-in-ones with 4K resolution, the HP Envy 24 and the HP Envy 27, both Technicolor Color Certified. According to HP, the new series of Envy all-in-ones are designed to impress, captivate, and inspire.“The Envy 34's display offers 99 percent of the sRGB color gamut and has Technicolor certification. You can dive deeper into what this means here, but in a nutshell, it means an ash silver web page, should appear to be, well, ash silver. The cool thing is the next time someone asks you if you want to see the world in Technicolor, you can say: "My Envy 34 already does it, doesn't your PC?",” according to PC World.


What It Means to Be Technicolor Color Certified

The Technicolor Color Certified HP Envy 34, Envy 27, and Envy 24 have been tested and verified to ensure that colors are displayed accurately and consistently, from photographs and streaming video to Blu-ray™ discs, gaming and online shopping.  The new Envy all-in-ones meet the same strict standards for color gamut, white point, sRGB balance, and gamma used in Hollywood and the media & entertainment industry, so that content is displayed as its creators intended.  Because these are Technicolor Color Certified, the new Envy all-in-ones have benefits to online retailing, photography, videography, and gaming.

Online Retailing – As online retail sales have soared, so have return rates. Inconsistent color matching between colors represented on a display and the actual item is a common reason for these returns.  A significant number of returns could be avoided if colors were rendered accurately on consumers’ screens, which Technicolor Color Certified devices assure. So consumers can shop with confidence, knowing that the colors they see on-screen are the colors they’ll see in person.

Photography – With Technicolor Color Certified devices, photographers can be comfortable knowing that what they capture with their camera is what they’ll see on their computer display.  They can proof, edit, and retouch their work with no doubt as to what the end result will be. Whether they’re working with photos (sRGB) or video (Rec. 709), what they see—and what they create—is what they get.

Videography – Color is critical to setting a scene, capturing a mood, and telling the story the way creators see it.  But if devices don’t render colors accurately, all those emotional hues that a videographer worked so hard to create could be lost in translation. Technicolor Color Certified devices meet strict specifications for color gamut, gamma, color fidelity, white point and backlight brightness so colors are always rendered accurately, for a viewing experience that is consistent with that of professional-grade monitors.

Gaming – Game developers use color to create breathtaking environments and thrilling experiences for gamers. But that carefully crafted ambiance can fall apart if colors aren’t displayed.  Many gamers’ systems simply cannot reproduce the full range of hues existing in the content, resulting in a frustrating and disappointing experience. Technicolor Color Certified assures that the colors gamers see are as the developer intended, for a more immersive and fulfilling gaming experience.

Now consumers can shop online with confidence, knowing that what they see is what they’ll get, view their digital photos or videos onscreen as they shot them, and enjoy stunningly immersive gaming and entertainment experiences.



The Envy 34, Envy 27, and Envy 24 are a continuation of Technicolor’s relationship with HP to ensure their devices meet the requirements to display colors accurately, consistently, and exactly as content creators intended.  Technicolor previously verified that monitors in the HP Envy and HP Pavilion Series were the world’s first PC monitors that are Technicolor Color Certified.  The new HP Envy all-in-ones will be available for purchase in the U.S. starting in late 2015.