December 28, 2016

Immersive Content Delivery Soars After Cisco Connected Devices Acquisition

Technicolor’s Michel Rahier looks back – and ahead – on the one-year anniversary of the Cisco Connected Devices acquisition.
  • Technicolor is one of the preeminent players in the customer premises equipment (CPE) market for service providers around the world.

It was just a year ago that Technicolor completed its acquisition of Cisco’s Connected Devices division, the business charged with delivering video devices and gateways for the home.

Deputy CEO Michel Rahier, who leads Technicolor’s Connected Home business, recently reflected on the acquisition, its impact on the market, the progress made so far, and what to look forward to ahead as immersive experiences – delivered by ultra-broadband – increasingly impact the fast-changing industry. So much so that IDC projects the market for VR and AR headsets will jump from a combined 10.3 million units this year to 76 million in 2020, as reported by Datamation.

According to Rahier, the merger has brought all the advantages of scale to the CPE market, from R&I efforts to address the technological needs, to a greater ability to help service providers connect their subscribers across all areas of the globe.  Luis Martinez-Amago, President of Technicolor USA and of the Technicolor Connected Home North America division, recently discussed the impact on the industry and progress made in his region since the merger. Georges Laplanche, Head of Connected Home Asia Pacific and China (APAC) at Technicolor, also shared his thoughts on the positive impact the merger is having on enterprises in his region and around the world.

“By putting together teams from both organizations, we have developed a platform that is much bigger and more diversified in terms of skills and talents,” says Rahier. “This has greatly enhanced our ability to address the dramatic technological developments our customers face.”

The results over the past year have manifested in innovative initiatives and accelerated development around fiber, LTE, next generation gateways, software applications, and broadband, such as the work being done to enhance RDK-B.

Read the full Q&A with Michel Rahier for more of the milestones achieved and ways Technicolor is building up support for network service providers.

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