December 15, 2015

Impact Analysis and Perspective on UHD Alliance Specifications


Mark Turner, Vice President, Partnership Relations and Business Development at Technicolor Mark Turner, Vice President, Partnership Relations and Business Development at Technicolor

There are profound implications for the entire value chain of studios, broadcasters, retailers and consumer equipment manufacturers who have participated in developing the specifications for next generation video entertainment set to be unveiled at the CES 2016 conference by the UHD Alliance.

We caught up with Mark Turner, Vice President of Partner Development and Business Development for Technicolor to get some context and perspective on how the new UHDA specifications will affect the media and entertainment technology sector.

“After a year of dedicated work to define what next generation video entertainment will look like, the release of the UHD Alliance specifications introduces a degree of certainty that should stimulate confidence in the industry that will translate into new demand from consumers,” says Turner.

The UHD Alliance specifications provide the base line for how wide color gamuts should be, what specifically it means to meet high dynamic range requirements, and how all of these new visual experiences can be integrated into the development and distribution of new movies, episodic programs and other forms of content.

“This removes a huge psychological barrier for consumers interested in purchasing the new generation of TVs, Disc players…and even Discs themselves.  Consumers now can have confidence that there will be a lot of content available to take advantage of the new and richer visual experiences that the industry has been talking about for the past 12 to 18 months,” he says.

Technicolor is working with studios and content owners around the world to develop new visual experiences that meet the UHD Alliance specifications.  The company is accelerating work with content owners of all kinds to revisit and remaster libraries of content so that they can be distributed in the new UltraHD Blu-ray format that matches the finalized specifications.

Technicolor has created a special program for remastering content based on the UHD Alliance specification, which includes content preparation, scanning, remastering in HDR, upscaling to 4K and authoring for UltraHD Blu-ray. Technicolor is applying its Intelligent Tone Management tool to remaster content rapidly and efficiently. Technicolor has also created the first certified UltraHD Blu-ray disc.

To listen in on some of Turner’s candid thoughts on what the new specification means for studios, broadcasters, retailers and consumer equipment manufacturers, visit:

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