May 18, 2020

May We Have This AR Dance?

The Mill pushed the boundaries of image recognition and tracking to create a special Augmented Reality dance for Queen Poppy and the release of the Trolls World Tour animated feature.

Technicolor’s The Mill teamed up with The Martin Agency, OREO, and DreamWorks Animation to bring to dancing life an augmented reality experience on Instagram celebrating the release of the Trolls World Tour movie. The animated feature is a huge hit that broke records for a digital release.

The Mill team crafted an experience enabling fans to use limited edition OREO Trolls World Tour packs and cookies to trigger an exclusive Queen Poppy performance. The filter showcases a special dance to the new track, “Just Sing (Trolls World Tour).

The AR Experience was built using the Spark AR platform. The Mill team unlocked and extended the platform’s abilities in image recognition and tracking to create a more engaging and playful experience – a usage of Spark AR that had yet to been seen at this scale.

The lens effect used brings to life, in a way never seen before, the beloved CG assets provided by DreamWorks from Trolls World Tour – creating an intimate experience for fans. The team crafted bespoke UI elements, developed in-house, to successfully track a 3D object with 2D trackers – giving fans the power to stage a personal performance by Poppy.

To unlock your own AR experience with Poppy, head to to access the filter, and place an OREO Trolls World Tour cookie on the pack using the filter guide and scan.