March 28, 2013

MediaConnect Boost Brings New Apps & Services to Existing Equipment

Nowadays we are living more and more in a connected world. Thanks to technology advances, application and service creation has become easy

As end-users we are enjoying access to a plethora of different apps and services, looking way beyond basic triple-play services. For instance, we want to experience the benefits of staying connected to our homes, where-ever we go. Cloud-based OTT services such as smart home monitoring and home automation no longer lie in a distant future but are becoming more of a possible reality, to add value to our lives.

On the other hand, a connected life presents a number of hurdles for service providers, limiting them to reach their full market potential. Ever-more devices and faster content access call for flexible and costly tactics, such as constant investments in innovations (often involving swapping out existing CPE), differentiated offerings, etc… On top, none of these are easy to monetize.

Running apps and services on a separate box not only protects basic gateway services, it also enables shorter time to market, phased rollouts and longer product lifetimes.

Universal Interoperability

Originally conceived as a generic home automation platform, MediaConnect Boost runs Android, Native or OSGi execution environments, and Qeo . Qeo is Technicolor’s innovative software framework that allows for seamless interoperability between devices and applications of all brands and ecosystems.

Qeo software modules enable devices, applications and over-the-top cloud solutions to speak to one another, regardless of brand or ecosystem, for simpler, richer smart home, entertainment, communication and personal media services. As a universal software language, network operators can create totally new use cases for the connected life and the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Qeo also includes tools to monitor and manage all Qeo-enabled devices, helping control operating costs.


Easy Management

MediaConnect Boost’s dedicated user interface serves as a ‘vehicle’ to deliver personalized and differentiated services over the cloud in an intuitive way. Device diagnostics, energy monitoring & control, and cross-device media & communication services are at your fingertips.


Smart Home Enabler

As a powerful platform with on-board native support of the most widely adopted technologies (Zigbee, ZWave, DECT ULE, Wi-Fi, NFC...) and home automation data models, MediaConnect Boost enables demanding smart home use cases, such as:

  • home automation
  • e-health
  • energy monitoring
  • secure home surveillance

And thanks to its flexible architecture, MediaConnect Boost can be used for any home automation solution that speaks Qeo.