March 26, 2013

Meet the need for Speed with Fiber Optics

Technicolor has invested strongly in fiber CPE’s in recent years to help operators launch their fiber-based networks as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible

Since the launch of its fiber business in 2009, a lot of progress has been made including the acquisition of a substantial lab and field expertise, ramping up Technicolor’s fiber teams in both Europe and China to release two products for pilot customers in a very short timeframe.


Optical Line Terminator (OLT) Interoperability

Technicolor fiber solutions are compatible with most scenarios from ALU, Huawei, ZTE, and other standards-compliant vendors. By maintaining a unique software track, there is no need for firmware upgrades with ALU or Huawei OLTs, a significant operational advantage.

Technicolor’s complete feature set includes TR-069, voice stack, OSGi SDKs and more. And because they run the same software as our xDSL CPE, Technicolor’s smart fiber gateways can help reduce operating expenses. They also deliver excellent Wi-Fi performance, thanks to the company’s long-standing expertise in wireless technologies.


In 2013, Technicolor is rolling out an exciting range of new gateways, including:

- Single box solutions combining smart Gateway with GPON ONT, featuring single or dual band .11n / .11ac Wi-Fi

- Smart Point2Point Fiber Gateway reaching up to Gigabit speeds, ideal for FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) scenarios

- Smart Gigabit Ethernet Gateway for two-box fiber deployments with separate ONT or media converter


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