November 25, 2016

The Need for Speed Has No End in Sight

Bart Vercammen, VP of Product Management, talks about the relentless demand for faster broadband – and what Technicolor is doing about it.
  • The market is creating more and more bandwidth-intensive content.
  • Consumers have high expectations for fast and instantaneous delivery to the home.

Everybody is talking about ultra-broadband for the home and the need for faster network speeds and more reliable interconnectivity. But how fast is fast enough? It seems as though whatever new solution is offered is soon outpaced by market forces driving the need for even greater bandwidth and speed, especially with the emergence of immersive content through VR, AR, and HDR technologies.

Just ask Bart Vercammen, VP of Product Management at Technicolor. He was recently interviewed about this very issue by Scott Bicheno, Editorial Director at, which provides news and analysis on technological advancements and market trends for the global telecoms industry.

That’s where Technicolor – which spans the entire entertainment ecosystem – bridges the gap. Not only does Technicolor help produce immersive experiences, but it develops the technology (such as Advanced HDR by Technicolor) and the Connected Home solutions to deliver those experiences seamlessly and uninterruptedly to the home.

“Our goal is two-fold,” says Vercammen. “We want to help NSPs deliver the best possible consumer experience, with faster speeds and better access. At the same time, we can help them make more efficient use of their networks to help drive down costs – even as they improve service and increase customer satisfaction.”

Watch the full interview with Technicolor’s Bart Vercammen as he explains the demand for faster broadband speeds.