November 18, 2016

A New Frontier in Connectivity Comes to Australia

Telstra and Technicolor Deploy Most Advanced Gateways for Australian Homes.
  • Technicolor and Telstra bolster network connectivity and Wi-Fi performance in Australia.
  • Telstra gateways leverage Technicolor’s Homeware software and 20 years expertise.

Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications services provider, has chosen Technicolor to develop two new home gateways designed to deliver greatly improved broadband and Wi-Fi experiences for Telstra customers.

Leveraging Technicolor’s 20 years of expertise in set-top boxes, home gateways, and content security, the gateways – Telstra Gateway Max 2 and the Telstra Gateway Frontier – use Technicolor’s Homeware software and the latest dual-band and Wi-Fi technology to keep more devices connected in the home.

Each can support up to 35 devices simultaneously, and they offer faster Wi-Fi speeds and better coverage than any current home gateway product in the Australian market. Both gateways offer easy Wi-Fi connection: Android phones can be paired simply by tapping them against the gateway.

The Telstra Gateway Frontier is Australia’s first ISP-supported hybrid mobile/fixed line gateway. The technology ensures that Australian consumers have immediate “out-of-the-box” network access. The gateway also offers consumers uninterrupted broadband service – even automatically switching over to mobile networks if a problem arises with fixed line connectivity.

Read the full press release about this exciting partnership here.