November 11, 2016

Opening the Home to Immersive Content Experiences

Technicolor’s Bryan Reksten, VP of Global Marketing, Connected Home, highlights the innovations in technology accelerating our entertainment options at home and on the go.

Thanks to high-performance video and ultra-broadband devices, bandwidth-intensive HDR and VR experiences are now making their way into the home – fast and seamlessly. And though there are any number of device types and screen sizes that will display the content, open distribution solutions such as Advanced HDR by Technicolor make sure it looks just as the creators wanted you to experience it, no matter where it’s played. 

As Technicolor’s VP of Global Marketing, Connected Home, Bryan Reksten is passionate about the exciting technology that’s changing the way we tell stories – and how we deliver those stories and immersive experiences to the home.  He recently sat down with InBroadcast to share his insights about how Technicolor is pushing the boundaries in home entertainment and connected devices.

“Getting people to enjoy the benefits of any new technology often depends on making the transition easy for them,” Reksten explained. “With HDR, this means bridging the gap with SDR – and Advanced HDR by Technicolor does that by combining HDR and SDR content into a single stream, making the whole process invisible to the consumer.”

Watch the video podcast with Technicolor’s Bryan Reksten to hear about other consumer-friendly innovations, such as the sleek designs in set-top boxes that are housing some of the most advanced technology for media and entertainment.