May 15, 2015

Pete Ellis, HP: Color Certification Insights


Color is so important for us at HP. So being able to show good color, accurate color for our monitor products at the consumer level is a key area of focus for us.

We want to make sure that when you are viewing that same content, whether it be the movies, the video games or those photos that you take, even when you look at a web page you want to make sure  that those articles you see are going to be in that same color space. So if that you should happen to buy it, when you receive it your expectations are met and you are a happy customer.

Color certification works by making sure that the red, green and blue primaries, as well as the white point and the gamma in the display is all accurate within the SRGB specification. So that content that is provided by the studios in terms of movies, content that you might have within video games, even photography that you might take with your own digital camera is all going to be using that SRGB color space.

When you consider that web content suppliers are working within that same color space, that same guarantee of good color is going to come across the end user, when looking at certain websites.

Color certification improves the video experience by allowing consumers of that content be able to view it exactly as the film producers intended it to be.

The relationship between HP and Technicolor has been a great one. They have certainly got  a long lasting reputation within the film business for providing great vision to film producers that are making their content and evoking  the absolutely exact emotions, that that film is trying to create with their customers.

And by working with them weve got a great brand trust and being able to provide color thats going to be true to what the director is intended to be.

So we have formed this strategic relationship with Technicolor to be able to provide Technicolor Certified Displays on our HP Pavilion and Envy class monitors. So customers will be able to purchase certified display and they can be sure that the color that they see on their display and the content that was developed in those same color standards is going to be consistent.

Color Certified monitors are shipping today from HP on our consumer line up; we have those in retail and you can also buy them through various ecommerce sites.

We have a new line up of products that will be coming out as well.

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