June 10, 2015

Pete Ellis, HP: PC Monitors Color Certification for Retailers and Creatives


Color certification photography is a great hand-in-hand type a relationship because there are opportunities for whether you own a video camera or whether you own a digital camera these days.

People are experimenting a lot, so being able to make sure that what they see in the back of the camera when they take that picture, and what they see when they view it on a monitor, in case they want to do any editing within that color space, they want it to be exactly as they saw it, as true as it can be.

Color certification is really important from the e-commerce side of things because when people buy things online they are now able to physically touch it; say if they think that theyre making a buying decision based on seeing the color or the texture of an item, and then they receive it, and it doesnt quite meet those expectations, they’re going to be somewhat disappointed.

Retailers, of course, they want to sell products again, make people happy, they want to make sure that they are not getting merchandise returned to them, so this really makes it kind of the best of both worlds: the customer is able to purchase something that when they see it online it meets their expectations theyre going to be happy customers that way.

Gaming is really important within color certification.  These days a lot of video games use color to make the game much more immersive, much more realistic, to really draw gamers into the experience.

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