November 13, 2015

PGA President, Lori McCreary, Sees Technicolor Leading Digital Innovations Over The Next 100 Years

Lori McCreary shares her thoughts about Technicolor’s technological innovations in the motion picture industry.

Acclaimed motion picture producer and president of the Producers Guild of America, Lori McCreary, talks about the great things Technicolor has contributed to the industry and expresses her excitement about our involvement in the next generation of technology. Having worked with Technicolor on all of the films that she’s produced (Invictus, Bopha!, Mutiny), McCreary discusses the importance of technology in filmmaking, from her beginning career as a computer scientist to her present as a leading filmmaker.  In the video below, McCreary recognizes Technicolor’s ability to guide the motion picture industry on a holistic level technologically from historical color science to the now emerging digital science.