March 30, 2017

The Power of Broadband Meets the Intelligent, Open Gateway

No longer behind the scenes, open gateways are igniting dynamic technology partnerships and new interactive services and applications for consumers.
  • In partnership with Amazon, Technicolor activates voice control services enabled by AWS Greengrass technology.
  • By creating smart gateways that allow for customers to have seamless interactions with their devices and environment, Technicolor is pushing the boundaries of the home experience.

Open gateways are becoming a crucial component to the home environment – enabling operators to provide not only faster and better wireless coverage but also more immersive broadband experiences.

Speaking with Light Reading TV, Technicolor’s VP of Product Management for Next-generation Gateways, David Baylis, said he sees Technicolor’s open gateway initiative as an opportunity to make them more customer-centric. For these “gateways of the future,” this means taking the same approach that made smartphones – with their growing catalog of apps and constantly evolving features – so ubiquitous.

Lighting the way is the Internet-connected Technicolor table lamp as a gateway endpoint, an aesthetically-pleasing device for interactive services cloud-enabled by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass technology. Though it doubles as a Wi-Fi extender, its greater purpose is to give users voice control, via Alexa, over other connected home devices. So, for example, when you want to watch a movie at home, you could simply tell Alexa to start the show on your television, and even dim the lights.

This conversational intimacy is crucial to changing consumer relationships with their gateways, says Baylis, especially when it also enables self-healing properties. This is when voice activation, like that on the Technicolor table lamp, empowers users to set-up their home networks and wireless devices, and fix problems, via simple spoken commands.

Watch the full David Baylis interview with Light Reading below.