September 30, 2019

Run, Jump, and Bounce Your Way Through the Nike Joyride Experience Created With The Mill

Technicolor’s The Mill teams up with Nike North American Retail Design team for an immersive installation giving customers a fun way to experience the latest in shoe innovation while visiting the retailer’s flagship NYC store.

A new product line from one of the world’s leading brands is always an occasion for celebration and exploration. Nike likes to make it as fun as possible, so for the introduction of the new Nike Joyride Running Shoe, the global retailer teamed up with The Mill’s Experiential & Interactive team for an immersive installation – a virtual playground – in their flagship NYC store.

Spearheaded by Executive Creative Director Rama Allen – and brought to life from creative conception through production and deployment by The Mill – the interactive gaming experience lets customers experience firsthand the unique performance benefits of the company’s latest innovation in shoe technology.

After being outfitted with a pair of Nike Joyrides, users play a series of three immersive games designed to create – through agility exercises on a digitally reactive floor – a visceral experience of the product’s benefits and innovative design. Along the way, users win digital beads and can share their experience via social media. The three games are:

  • Busy Beads” – where players run in place as fast as they can to collect digital beads – and experience the Joyride’s impact absorption.
  • Skip ‘N Squish” – where players jump from one group of beads to another, avoiding “hot lava” to get to the other side of the floor – while feeling the responsive, lightweight nature of the shoe.
  • “Cushy Kicks” – where players, in a mashup between football and ping pong, have to stop digital beads from entering their goal with their feet – while enjoying the shoe’s “personalized” cushioning.

Visitors to the House of Innovation Nike flagship store at 650 5th Avenue in New York can experience Joyride through the middle of October 2019.

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