August 26, 2016

Smooth Storytelling With Jack Daniels

The Mill collaborates with FCB/RED to create The Jack Daniel’s VR Experience.
  • Technicolor’s The Mill provided production, color, editorial, VFX, and design services on The Jack Daniel’s VR Experience, a 360-degree virtual reality piece that artfully displays the timeless craftsmanship of America’s first registered distillery.

Co-directed by Mill+, an integrated team of Mill directors and designers focused on concept-to-delivery creative partnerships, director Bowe King and Executive Creative Director Rama Allen, The Jack Daniel’s VR Experience transports fans of the famous whiskey brand to sensory-rich locations on the hallowed grounds of the distillery. Viewers have an opportunity to explore the top of the famed barrel house, the mysterious natural spring flowing from a cave at the base of a limestone cliff, and the rolling, bucolic hills of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

The piece uses a “mixed time” visual style, which was developed by The Mill specifically for The Jack Daniel’s VR Experience. The highly stylized, cinematic visuals include moments that slow down and give the feeling of time standing still combined with ambient surround sound.



The Jack Daniel’s VR Experience is available on Youtube360, as well as various events and installations around the globe. Click HERE to learn more.



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