April 05, 2013

Spike Island

Technicolor's talent behind coming of age feature Spike Island

Technicolor is proud to reveal its talent was at the heart of coming of age film, Spike Island.

Set in May 1990, the film follows a rising indie band as they travel to Spike Island, Cheshire, to see The Stone Roses. As the five 16 year old boys celebrate the end of their school days, Spike Island follows a journey that sees life-long friendships tested and future plans brought into question. The film, directed by Mat Whitecross (The Road to Guantanamo, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) ends with an emotive climax, when the boys realise their journey to Spike Island and adulthood will change them forever. Lead cast includes Elliott Tittensor (Shameless, Silent Witness), Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Shackled), Lesley Manville (Law and Order, Midsomer Murders) and Nico Mirallegro (Last Tango in Hallifax, Upstairs Downstairs)

Spike Island was written by 24 Hour Party People actor, Chris Coghill, and contains two original songs by indie band Ash's frontman, Tim Wheeler. Technicolor's Producers, Editors and Colourists were at the heart of the nostalgic film, which is due for release this summer. Technicolor Editor, Jaime Leonard, took on all aspects of editing work, while the DI Grade was carried out by Senior Colourist, Dan Coles.

"The Director and DOP’s brief was to create rich, vibrant and filmic images throughout," said Dan Coles. "We wanted to be warm and bold with the colours, saturation levels and contrast, while at the same time maintaining a sense of mood for some of the darker scenes using cooler colours in the spectrum. We used vignettes, grads and shapes to enhance mood and detail, and allowed certain colours to pop using secondary colour correction".

Technicolor Credits

Producer: Kim Honeyman
Editor: Jaime Leonard
Colourist: Dan Coles