February 06, 2017

Technicolor and Amazon Make Home Devices Smarter

Technicolor’s collaboration with AWS brings a “cloud in the gateway” solution that drives opportunities for NSPs and operators.

Technicolor is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to empower consumers to take more natural control of their home environments – no matter how many connected devices they have on their network, and no matter how bandwidth-intensive the services being consumed.

Gary Gutknecht, Senior VP of Product Management at Technicolor, recently discussed the purpose behind this partnership and the opportunities it creates for NSPs and others in the industry. “To maintain quality of service, management of the home environment has begun to take center stage with operators,” he explained. “They need to maintain customer satisfaction and keep their customer care costs to a minimum.”

The solution lies in building bridges between cloud applications and edge technology – entry point devices at the “edge” of the network. This enables powerful new services that can greatly improve the user experience, get broadband and Wi-Fi services up and running faster and with greater ease, and reduce the costs associated with delivering and troubleshooting these services in the home.

A great example is the ability to use simple conversational voice commands to quickly configure complex network settings right out of the box. This is achieved by integrating the Alexa Personal Assistant into Technicolor gateway products, effectively introducing AWS into the home environment – and with it cloud-level innovation and speed. Another benefit is the ability to proactively monitor and diagnose technical issues. For example, when heavy traffic slows performance, the user can give higher priority to a specific device or application, such as a games console that needs more resources.


To learn more, watch Technicolor and Amazon Bring Cloud to the Edge – and see new services in action throughout the connected home.