February 18, 2017

Technicolor and MPC Continue Streak With BAFTA, VES Awards – and Oscar Nomination

VFX studio MPC, a Technicolor company, has been racking up an impressive string of awards for its work on Disney’s The Jungle Book and “Buster the Boxer” ad campaign.
  • Technicolor's MPC has received numerous awards and nominations for their groundbreaking work on The Jungle Book, which set the new standard for photo-real creatures and environments.
    • Won the BAFTA for “Best Special Visual Effects”
    • Won two VES awards including the coveted “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photo-real Feature"
    • Is Oscar nominated for “Best Visual Effects”
  • MPC Advertising won three VES awards for John Lewis’ “Buster the Boxer” and its cast of creatures.

Technicolor’s VFX studio MPC continues to collect awards for groundbreaking photo-realism in feature films and advertising, taking home the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award for “Best Special Visual Effects” on The Jungle Book.  As awards season reaches its peak with the 89th Academy Awards, MPC is in the running with an Oscar nomination for “Best Visual Effects” in The Jungle Book as well.

At the BAFTA event, representing the team of VFX artists, production crew, and technologists who worked on The Jungle Book, MPC’s VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez said: “I’m thrilled to accept this BAFTA on behalf of MPC’s team of more than 800 talented artists across the globe. It was a privilege for us to have the opportunity to collaborate with our amazing director Jon Favreau and the guys at Disney.”

Technicolor’s family of VFX studios received 17 Visual Effects Society (VES) nominations this year and MPC took home a total of five awards, including top honors in both the film and advertising categories.

In the film category, MPC won the night’s top prize for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photo-real Feature” and another for “Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photo-real Feature,” for their work on The Jungle Book. The team built a complex photo-real world and stunning virtual CG environments, bringing the story’s iconic cast of animal characters to such realistic life that they blended seamlessly with the film’s one live actor.

On the advertising side, three wins came for MPC’s work on the John Lewis holiday ad “Buster the Boxer” (Dougal Wilson and Adam and Eve): “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial,” “Outstanding Compositing in a Photo-real Commercial,” and “Outstanding Animated Performance in a Commercial.” The project deepened MPC Advertising’s creature portfolio with a cast of enchanting suburban animals showing nuanced facial expressions and interacting in lifelike play.

It’s been a great award season for The Jungle Book, which blended MPC’s visual effects with Technicolor’s robust color pipeline and color finishing, as it continues to be hailed as a new standard in digital production. Take a closer look at Technicolor and MPC’s work on the award-winning The Jungle Book!