January 25, 2017

Technicolor and MPC Receive Oscar® Nomination

Technicolor and our VFX teams supported a bevy of this year’s Oscar® hopefuls.

The excitement of awards season nominations reached its peak when the 2017 Academy Award® contenders were announced on January 24.  Pushing the boundaries of entertainment, Technicolor and its VFX brands provided innovative talent and technology on nineteen of this year’s nominated films, and earned one direct nomination that illustrates the range and depth of where the entertainment industry is going in terms of immersive storytelling.

Technicolor’s VFX studio MPC received an Oscar® nomination for “Best Visual Effects” for their work on Disney’s The Jungle Book. The team was led by VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez, who worked alongside director Jon Favreau to create the animated film’s photo-real animals and their jungle environments.  The film, which was color graded by Technicolor in both 2D and a multitude of HDR deliverables, set the standard for global virtual productions and photorealism work.

Congratulations also go to multiple Academy Award® winner Rob Legato, the acclaimed Visual Effects Supervisor who collaborated on the project. “The Jungle Book allowed MPC to show what they are capable of in terms of photo-real work,” noted Legato, “and they upped their game. Now, they are at the highest level for this kind of thing.” 


In addition to this direct nomination, Technicolor worked on two of the films nominated for “Best Picture.” On Fences – also nominated for “Actor in a Leading Role,” “Actress in a Supporting Role,” and “Adapted Screenplay” – Technicolor provided dailies, sound, color finishing, marketing services, and VFX. On Manchester by the Sea – also nominated for “Best Directing,” “Actor in a Leading Role,” “Actor in a Supporting Role,” “Actress in a Supporting Role,” and “Original Screenplay” – Technicolor Postworks NY provided editorial conform and color finishing.

Technicolor also provided color finishing and the HDR grade, as well as marketing services, on director Travis Knight’s Kubo and the Two Strings, which is nominated for “Best Animated Feature” and “Best Visual Effects.”

A few other notable Oscar® nominated films Technicolor was honored to be a part of:

Technicolor (digital dailies, sound mixing, marketing services) and Technicolor R & I (special algorithm for DI finishing) worked on Jackie, nominated for “Actress in a Leading Role,” “Best Costume Design,” and “Music (Original Score).”

Technicolor (dailies, sound, color) and Technicolor VFX studio Mikros (VFX post services) worked on Elle, nominated for Actress in a Leading Role.”

Technicolor Marketing Services provided creative services for twelve nominated projects this year, including several of the aforementioned films and director Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th.

Finally, Technicolor’s industry leading Home Entertainment Services teams provided services for thirty three of this year’s nominated projects.

Check back with Technicolor after the winners are announced at the 89th Academy Awards® ceremony airing on February 26, and in the meantime watch Rob Legato discuss Technicolor’s work on Disney’s critically acclaimed The Jungle Book.




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