August 29, 2012

Technicolor at BIRTV 2012

During the BIRTV 2012 event in Beijing, Technicolor demonstrated its advanced digital home products and solutions, presenting guests an enhanced seamless digital home experience

During the BIRTV 2012 which was opened on Aug. 22 in Beijing, Technicolor demonstrated its advanced connected home products and solutions, presenting guests an enhanced seamless digital home experience.

Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) is China's top-notch exhibition in the industry of radio, film & TV, which has been well received by the broadcasting industry at home and abroad. The large number of high caliber products exhibited, the sustained participation of top exhibitors and manufacturers and the huge numbers of professionals and interested visitors make this event different from others.



  • Technicolor present at 2 booths at BIRTV
    • Joint booth with China National Radio (CNR)
    • A single booth at DVB+OTT Association with other 10 key OTT market players
  • More than 20 staffs from Connected Home, R&I and Marketing & Comm. teams supported the event
  • Over 5 demos presented, involving series of Technicolor digital home products, such as T-Box, MediaTouch, 3D menu, Gateway, STB, etc.
  • 500 companies from home and abroad showed their latest equipment and technologies in an exhibiting area of 50,000 square meters.
  • More than 55,000 attendees mainly from Radio and TV stations of various levels in China, neighboring countries and even Europe or America visited the show.


Technicolor Build Amazing Digital Home Experience Zone:

In order to build a strategic partnership with China National Radio (CNR) to deploy the OTT TV business, Technicolor built a 200 square meters Digital Home experience zone with the joint effort of CNR during BIRTV. Besides, Technicolor also presented itself on the DVB+OTT Association booth.

BIRTV 2012 Techniolor booth

We demonstrated our next generation TV box, allowing the users to make video call, demand preferred films and play games with it.

BIRTV 2012 Techniolor next generation TV box demonstration

We also demonstrated the MediaTouch, using it to control TV and to realize the multi-screen experience.

BIRTV 2012 Techniolor MediaTouch demonstration

In our 3D demo area, guests can just use their hands to control the TV menu and watch 3D films vividly.

BIRTV 2012 Techniolor 3D demo area


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