August 03, 2016

Technicolor Brings Gold to the 2016 Summer Games

Technicolor brings VFX and Sound Engineering expertise to the 2016 Summer Games.

-- Technicolor’s VFX brands - MPC and The Mill - worked on multiple advertising campaigns for some of the world’s top brands airing around the games.

-- The 2016 Summer Games’ opening ceremony musical score was mixed at Technicolor’s Hollywood sound stage, with support from Technicolor’s sound engineering and operations teams.


“It doesn’t get any bigger than the Olympics and it doesn’t get any better than Technicolor.”
         -- John Kurlander, Grammy winner and former Chief Recording Engineer, Abbey Road Studios, London 


From Nike and Samsung to the New York Times’ "Modern Games VR Experience," The Mill artists helped create a number of innovative ads that can be viewed in The Mill’s Summer Sports Collection 2016:

The Mill’s Summer Sports Collection 2016

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Among various MPC projects for the summer games, MPC Shanghai created highly realistic CG crowds for the "That’s Gold" campaign for Coca Cola.  MPC NY provided stunning VFX for “The Power of Blue Blood” campaign, launched in 50 countries around the world, for Coke's Powerade brand, the official sports drink of the games.

Coca-Cola, “That’s Gold”



In addition, Technicolor’s sound engineering team innovated various creative workflow solutions for multi-Grammy winner John Kurlander, and Emmy-nominated Music Editor and Producer, Robin Whittaker. Kurlander and Whittaker mixed the opening ceremony score at Technicolor’s Hollywood sound facilities. The opening ceremony was co-directed by renowned Brazilian filmmaker-theatrical director, Daniela Thomas.  The ceremony’s musical score was co-created by Brazilian composers, Antonio Pinto and Beto Villares.  “It doesn’t get any bigger than the Olympics and it doesn’t get any better than Technicolor,” remarked Kurlander. 

Reflecting on the successful collaboration, John Kurlander also noted, “It is a great privilege for me to mix this project on Technicolor’s world-class main-stage. The sound of the room is absolutely stunning, and the incredibly knowledgeable, technical back-up crew is an utter delight to work with.  I couldn’t imagine doing this anywhere else.”


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