August 14, 2014

Technicolor Color Certification: Article from PC World

Article on Technicolor’s Color Certification Program by PC World
Technicolor’s Color Certification Program 
Published by PC World, August 11th, 2014.
In the report, Marco Chiapetta summarizes the color certification program as a partnership with Portrait Displays colors to, “ensure the colors displayed on your monitor match the actual colors of the objects depicted on them.” 
Chiapetta presents an overview of the color certification process and summarizes why both Technicolor and Portrait Displays are qualified to create such a program. 
“Technicolor contributed its film, DVD, and Blu-ray color-conversion know-how to the development of the color certification program,” Chiapetta added.
Chiapetta also provided insight from industry analyst Jon Peddie.  “All monitor suppliers will have to get certified or people won’t buy their monitors if they think they can’t get an accurate representation of what they’re buying online,” Peddie added. 
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