December 03, 2015

Technicolor CTO and Chief Strategist Makes Case for Open Innovation and Collaboration for Next Generation Broadband in Australia

As Australia engages in a spirited debate about how broadband access should be delivered to the citizens of this massive country, Vince Pizzica, CTO and Chief Strategy Officer for Technicolor offered his views on the key factors before decision-makers.

In this webcam interview, Pizzica makes the case for developing a national strategy based on open innovation and industry-wide collaboration.  This approach, he argues, will ensure interoperability among infrastructure and customer premises equipment, while creating a community of technology providers that will offer consumers and key institutions with choices and options that will ultimately reduce the long-term total cost of ownership of a modernized national broadband system.  The deployment of a system based on these principles will not only provide cost-effective access, but also open the door to an array of new entertainment and digital life services that will contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Australia.