October 11, 2016

Technicolor Dives Deep Into The Odyssey

The epic biopic presented Technicolor with a unique opportunity to capture the passion of a life at sea.
  • Technicolor Paris supported all post-production for the biopic on famed explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau.
  • Mikros Image provided all the visual effects for the film – over 450 shots.

Technicolor Paris handled picture and sound post-production for The Odyssey (French title: L'Odyssée), a 2016 French-Belgian biographical adventure film directed by Jérôme Salle who also co-wrote the film with Laurent Turner. Based on the non-fiction book, Capitaine de La Calypso, by Albert Falco and Jean-Michel Cousteau, the long-awaited feature stars Lambert Wilson, Pierre Niney, and Audrey Tautou.

Technicolor and Mikros Image were entrusted to bring the story of the legendary conservationist and explorer Jacques Cousteau and his expeditions of underwater discovery to visual and spectacular sounding life. Their efforts capture what drove his obsessive love for exploring the oceans – bringing viewers along for the ride as Cousteau sets sail from his Mediterranean home and putting them aboard ship and into the deep blue waters during his daring voyages on the RV Calypso

Watch the captivating trailer for The Odyssey below.