March 04, 2014

Technicolor does film sound mix for Mute Records and Goldfrapp

Technicolor’s London Sound Team provides 5.1 mix for big screen tie-in of new album ‘Tales Of Us’

Technicolor completed the 5.1 sound mix for a short film to accompany the launch of Goldfrapp’s sixth studio album, “Tales Of Us”.


The thirty minute film, to be released in selected cinemas on the 4th March 2014 for one night only, is made up of five tracks from the album linked by specially created transitional material. Lisa Gunning, the acclaimed editor of films including “Seven Psychopaths”, “Nowhere Boy” and “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” makes her directorial debut for the piece and worked closely with Technicolor on the audio mix.


Tales of Us has been lovingly crafted by Alison and Will over the course of two years, each of the tracks offers a glimpse into a particular character and the album has an overarching cinematic sound which brings together all of those sketches into a cohesive whole,” Lisa Gunning explained.


“Therefore the project lent itself to a more experimental narrative concept that would go beyond the limitations of the typical music video. We worked on creating five films for the piece over six months, while we were keen to maintain a particular atmosphere and look; it is the sound mix that is all important in bringing all of those discrete stories together.”


The 5.1 mix was carried out at Technicolor’s London, by Gareth Bull, head of sound, and re-recording mixer Jules Wood. It was also attended by Lisa Gunning and Alison Goldfrapp.


Gareth Bull said: “Jules and I both really enjoy working on films which are so audio-led, so “Tales of Us” was a hugely satisfying project to be involved in. Lisa had created an immersive and otherworldly atmosphere to complement the tracks chosen from the album.


“This meant the mix required delicate balancing, we used subtle spot FX to accentuate particular elements on screen in order to elicit a particular emotional response. We wanted the audience to be able to lose themselves in the film so we had to be very careful not to make any audio elements too jarring, which could risk pulling viewers back to reality.”    


On working with Technicolor, Lisa said: “I’ve always admired the subtlety of Gareth's work and was thrilled when he decided to take this on.  Mixing at the Technicolor sound stage is always an honour and an absolute joy.  Alison and I felt in very safe hands as Gareth and his fantastic team handled the music and FX with the upmost care and precision.  Everyone is over the moon with the result.”

“Tales of Us” is released by Mute Records on 9 September, an exclusive first glimpse of the film, including the first video from the album, “Drew”, can be viewed at


Technicolor Credits:


Head of sound: Gareth Bull

Re-recording mixer: Jules Woods