March 09, 2018

Technicolor Heads to SXSW With Cool New Immersive Experiences and Hot Topic Speakers

Conference, Festival & Exhibition – Austin, TX
March 9, 2018 – March 18, 2018

South by Southwest provides a unique venue for demonstrating what entertainment can be when artistry and technology come together in truly innovative ways.

  • The TEC collaborated on two can’t-miss immersive experiences having their world premieres at SXSW: The Four Worlds and MONO – Blackwater.
  • MPC’s Tim Dillon speaks at SXSW as a strong advocate for the experiential and immersive power of VR and MR.
  • Technicolor’s Michael Dillon and Charles Bunnag discuss their role in bringing filmmakers’ stories to life exactly how they envisioned them.
  • From The Mill, Rama Allen and Carl Addy discuss AI, the distracted social world, and other creative opportunities to redefine technology and art.

In Austin, TX, spring break also means the start of South by Southwest (SXSW), the progressive slate of music, film, and interactive conferences, festivals, and exhibitions hosted by the city every year. SXSW is a one-of-kind opportunity for diverse and talented artists and the most innovative companies to come together and share their ideas, experience, and latest creations. This year, Technicolor is once again making a splash at SXSW, with thought leaders speaking on the merging of top rate artistry with cutting edge technology, and the results being demonstrated in two exciting immersive experiences – created in collaboration with the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) and having their world premieres at SXSW.

MONO - Blackwater

Screening in the SXSW Virtual Cinema (Booth 35) in the VR category, Mono - Blackwater is a collaboration between content studio MadeFire and the TEC. Through the magic of motion capture, animation, interactive game design, and ambi-sonic sound, legendary comic book characters leap off the page into this cross-platform immersive experience. As the cinematic story takes off, the viewer springs into action as MONO, the former queen’s assassin on a mission to rescue his captive daughter. MONO - Blackwater is powered by premium Lenovo systems for the ultimate immersive experience.

The Four Worlds

Also screening in the Virtual Cinema (Booth 15) is The Four Worlds, an immersive journey of visual and sonic wonder. As an Artist-in-Residency at the TEC, filmmaker Jonathan Zawada explored the creative potential of immersive media, creating four installations comprised of looping VR experiences augmented with extra-sensory stimulation. Accompanied by a new Mark Pritchard soundtrack, each scene is a microcosm of a different environment, unreal but realistically rendered in color and texture. The Four Worlds also utilizes high-powered Lenovo systems to run the extraordinary experience.

In addition to these new immersive experiences, hear from these Technicolor and other creatives and thought leaders at SXSW:

Searing Sound: From Pre-to-Post Production (SAT, MAR 10, 2018 | 12:30PM - 2:00PM)

Sound Designer Jeff Pitts discusses how filmmakers can tell their story sonically in the most impactful way – from capturing sounds during pre-production, to editing and mixing in post, to navigating the current landscape of deliverables – ensuring a film sounds incredible whether viewers see it in a theater or stream it online. Pitts has worked with SXSW filmmakers Sean Baker (The Florida Project) and Adam Wingard (Death Note), among others.

Cutting Edge Color Grading with Technicolor (SUN, MAR 11, 2018 | 3:30PM – 5:30PM)

Under the track, “Making Film & Episodics,” Technicolor Senior Producer Michael Dillon and Senior Colorist Charles Bunnag explore the ways filmmakers can ensure their vision comes to life exactly as they intended, on every screen, when they leverage creative partnerships and the innovative technology that is transforming the film industry as we know it. By way of example, recent credits include: Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Revenant, and 2014 Best Picture Oscar® winner Birdman.

The Next Phase of VR: Moving to MR (THU, MAR 15, 2018 | 2:00PM – 3:00PM)

Under the “VR/AR” track, MPC’s Tim Dillon from the Technicolor family of brands joins the panel discussion on the great promise of Virtual Reality – namely, its ability to create an immersive “you are there” experience for the viewer. As Head of VR & Immersive Content at MPC, Dillon will discuss with the panel VR’s imminent next step, Mixed Reality (MR), which can elevate VR's sense of presence and create a sense of agency that truly takes immersive experiences to the next level.

Also from the Technicolor family of brands, The Mill will have a strong presence at SXSW 2018 (#TheMillatSX). Look for these SXSW sessions:

The Distractathon (TUE, MAR 13 | 2:00PM - 3:00PM)

Under the “Experiential Storytelling” track, Mill+ Creative Director Carl Addy explores the struggles between focus and total distraction – looking at creative opportunities that arise from distraction and how a distracted social world is affecting linear businesses.

When AI, Beatboxing & Mixed Reality Collide (THU, MAR 15 | 11:00AM - 12:00PM)

Can intelligent machines help us create a new kind of art? Mill NY ECD Rama Allen, interactive artist, and Reeps One Harry Yeff, champion beatboxer, premiere the world's first performance blending AI, the human instrument, and AR.

Mystery Talks by me Convention | Stories of Song, Art & Tech (THU, MAR 15 | 5:30PM - 6:30PM)

Rama Allen and Harry Yeff return, along with other artists, experts, and developers, to discuss the role of AI in creative industries and endeavors, the opportunities it brings, and what we can expect for the future.

Visit SXSW for the full schedule of events and exciting networking opportunities, and add the above dates to your calendar to join Technicolor there.

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