September 21, 2016

Technicolor Hits It Out Of The Park With Zixi For HDR Broadcasts

Zixi’s Eric Bolten explains how delivering broadcast-quality HDR video services over the Internet creates critical technological and economic scales for the entire value chain.
  • Zixi exec states that IP technologies will be essential to meet future demands of broadcasters as consumers’ appetite for video grows.

Video software platform company Zixi has been delivering video traffic for broadcasters over the Internet for almost ten years and is now meeting the increased demands of HDR video. Zixi has been working with Technicolor to demonstrate how HDR content can be delivered as part of comprehensive commercial broadcast offerings. Its Vice President of Business Development, Eric Bolten, says Internet technologies will be essential because traditional technologies will not be sufficiently flexible and cost effective. According to Bolten, “Delivering true broadcast level contribution with the flexibility and cost structure of the Internet without giving up anything in terms of stability, reliability, security and latency will be critical across live events, live linear and cloud delivery.”

Technicolor recently worked with Zixi to deliver a 20Mbps HDR signal from Denver to Los Angeles for Time Warner Communications to show a live Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game.

Zixi uses a series of advanced transmission protocols with error correction, error protection and congestion avoidance routines to enable transmission of broadcast quality video, but, Bolten explains, HDR presents a new set of challenges.

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