June 07, 2017

Technicolor Joins Guy Ritchie on Another Legendary Quest

Technicolor and MPC, a Technicolor company, continue to forge a “true creative partnership” with the director on King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

  • Technicolor London and MPC synched on-set color and dailies to the post production pipeline. 
  • This coordinated effort provided seamless integration between Technicolor creative houses. 

Filmmaker Guy Ritchie, following his work with Technicolor on Sherlock Holmes and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., now brings his street-smart style to the epic tale of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. The production – shot by two-time Oscar-nominee John Mathieson, BSC – turned to Technicolor London and MPC, a Technicolor company, for dailies and end-to-end post production – and a seamless coordination between the two. 

Chema Gomez of Technicolor London led the dailies team through more than 245TB of digital footage processing. With Supervising Visual Colorist Peter Doyle and DIT Francesco Giardiello, “we built a robust pipeline to accommodate all the different camera formats into the chosen ACES color pipeline,” said Gomez. “We constantly reviewed the calibrations to ensure on-set color decisions were carried through the post-production pipeline.” 

The MPC Film team, led by VFX Supervisor Arundi Asregadoo with Production VFX Supervisor Nick Davis, delivered extensive photo-real character and environment work – including the pivotal harbor scenes around Excaliber, the legendary sword of King Arthur. 

MPC Advertising’s 3D artists and designers were also instrumental, crafting the design-led title sequences by seamlessly integrating live-action with intricate, hand-animated typography inspired by traditional swordsmithing techniques. Anthony Bloor, Joint Head of 3D, created a bespoke font-building technique; “this allowed more time to dedicate to the unique lighting FX required for each title scene,” he said. The team then created 36 lighting environments in under three weeks.  

“The design aesthetic we applied to the scenes led to a true creative partnership between our artists and director Guy Ritchie,” added MPC Design’s Creative Director Ryan Hays. 

Under Doyle, Technicolor London also completed final 2D, 3D, and HDR grades for the film. 


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