April 23, 2012

Technicolor London works on The Cold Light of Day

The Cold Light of Day is an action thriller shot by Director Mabrouk El Mechri and DOP Remi Adefarasin OBE, BSC

Will Shaw (played by the upcoming star Henry Cavill) is a young Wall Street trader on a sailing trip in Spain with his family; which seems like the perfect holiday, until his whole world is turned upside down when his family are kidnapped and held to ransom. He is confronted by intelligence agents who are responsible, and whose main objective seems to be to recover a mysterious briefcase. The story is a fast pasted thriller from here on.

Technicolor’s team was lead by Producer; Todd Kleparski, Editor; Matthew Watson and Colorist Paul Ensby. Working on Autodesk Lustre, the project was completed late 2011, overseen mainly by DOP (Remi Adefarasin) and the Editor, Valerio Bonelli.

The film is based and shot in Madrid and around the Mediterranean coastlines. It was important for colorist Paul Ensby to keep the summer richness and warmth throughout the movie moving from coast to city as the hot atmosphere intensified and the mystery unfolded.

Technicolor managed to perfectly grade two major ‘day for night’ scenes. The first involves a scene which begins on the beach and evolves into a fight scene in the woods, via a car chase, all shot in bright daylight. With some much needed help from the VFX department, the scene manages to look convincingly like night time. Technicolor’s well equipped team managed to smooth out the transition from real night exterior, moving into an early morning scene shot in the middle of the day in a Market Square by some neat day for night grading, and then day for dawn grading getting lighter shot by shot to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Remi Adefarasin said that; ‘Working with Technicolor at Lexington Street, Soho with Colorist Paul Ensby & Producer Todd Kleparski was a pleasure. Tight technical controls within a creative atmosphere, they know that each film has different needs and are eager to help. Great support from whole team.’

Technicolor is pleased to have provided services for this movie and to have been involved with such acclaimed directors and actors.

The Cold Light of Day was released in Cinemas April 6th 2012.