December 02, 2015

Technicolor Provides Color Grading for BBC One’s Capital

Color brings Capital into focus for BBC One.

Technicolor London provided color grading services for the new BBC One series, Capital.  Dan Coles, the Senior Colorist for the show, explains the color choices on Capital, “I worked closely with the DOP [of Capital], Zac Nicholson. Zac shot some pre-production camera tests, so then we started thinking about the look of the series prior to the shoot. Overall we went for a fairly soft contrast in the grade: slightly muting the general color saturation, and allowing the pastel colors to be more pronounced. We used warmer tones for daytime scenes and cooler tones for night as a general rule. The London skyline shots used to link the different scenes were given a rich and colorful grade, but we also did some work in the grade to create more of a winter feel to the scenes set during Christmas."

Offering a portrait of a road transformed by soaring property prices, Capital demonstrates how what was once the homes of modest, lower-middle class families have now been transformed into a community of multi-million pound houses. Executive Producer Derek Wax said, “Capital magnificently captures the mood of our age, with an unforgettable ensemble of characters and a humane, incisive comic eye.”