February 11, 2016

Technicolor Provides Complete Post Services For La Guerre des tuques 3D

La Guerre des tuques 3D is a thriving success with help from Technicolor Montreal.

Technicolor Montreal provided complete post services for the 3D version of the Quebec, classic film La Guerre des tuques (Snowtime!), including conform, final color finishing, voice recording, Foley, sound mix, sound editing, dialog editing and versioning, and deliverables.

The outstanding images of La Guerre des tuques 3D created by CarpeDiem Film & TV’s artistic team and the animation studio Singing Frog were highlighted by Technicolor’s colorist Richard Lessard who has worked closely with director Jean-François Pouliot. “To create the desired look, we had to establish uniformity between different types of winter environments and weather created by the animation team, such as the subtle differences between shades of fog and snow for instance,” reveals the colorist.

Additionally, Technicolor provided complete sound post services for the film. “The animated environment had to feel as real as possible so it could replicate the same feeling as the traditional movie featuring all the different types of winter environments. For the voices and the music, it was important to create a balance between the desired moods,” says Stéphane Bergeron, sound mixer at Technicolor. Marie-Claude Beauchamp, producer of the animated feature acknowledges Technicolor’s expertise on every detail, “An outstanding artistic accomplishment has been created by Technicolor’s sound team, we can even hear the snow fall… it’s a dream!”

La Guerre des tuques 3D is the second large scale animation project Technicolor Montreal has completed this year, the first being The Little Prince. Technicolor has developed an expertise in post for animated features, including 3D. Many animated features are scheduled for the upcoming year at Technicolor for post services.

After exceeding $2.5 million at the Quebec box office in its first month, the animated feature film will now be distributed in the United States by multiplatform distributor Shout! Factory. The film was presented during this year’s Sundance Film Festival in the Sundance Kids category. Snowtime! will feature the voices of Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh (Greys’ Anatomy), Angela Gallupo (Being Human), Lucinda Davis (Winx Club), and Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally).

La Guerre des tuques 3D is nominated in two categories at the next Jutra awards: Best Art Direction (Philippe Arseneau Bussières) and Best Sound (Stéphane Bergeron, Christian Rivest, Benoît Leduc, Guy Pelletier, Raymond Vermette, and Julie Dufour). The movie will earn the Cineplex Golden Screen Award at the next Canadian Screen Awards gala for best Canadian box office results achieved by a Canadian film.

La Guerre des Tuques 3D is produced by Carpe Diem Film & TV, distributed by Les films Séville and the animation is created by Singing Frog studios.