November 09, 2015

Technicolor Provides Full DI for Trumbo

Iconoclast Dalton Trumbo is brought to life in Technicolor.

Dalton Trumbo is remembered as one of the motion picture industry’s most talented screenwriters, who essentially dismantled the Hollywood blacklist (of the early 1960s), by writing a series of film scripts that were critically and publically embraced and worked on by some of the most talented actors and directors in America. His films included Roman Holiday and The Brave One, both of which garnered Oscars for their scripts, and Spartacus and Exodus which were produced under Trumbo’s actual name as opposed to his using a “non de plume” earlier. As recounted in director Jay Roach’s new film Trumbo, the writer, by dent of his belief in the first amendment of the US constitution, his talent, and his acerbic wit, was able to shame the motion picture industry into regaining its better-self and senses as to its egregious behavior in the post-WW II period.

Trumbo was photographed by Jim Denault, ASC, and stars Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo; Diane Lane as his wife, Cleo Trumbo; Elle Fanning as Nikola Trumbo; and John Goodman as Frank King, the producer of The Brave One who quietly hired Trumbo and others on the blacklist, helping them survive when all of the studios shunned them. Helen Mirren plays Hedda Hopper, arguably the most reviled individual of that period, outside of various functionaries of House Select Committee on Un-American Activities, and multiple Hollywood studio heads. Interestingly, The Brave One was presented in 3-strip Technicolor (and Cinemascope in 1957) photographed by cinematographer Jack Cardiff, OBE, BSC, one of Technicolor’s most beloved former employees as well as one of the great cinematographers in motion picture history.

Technicolor’s digital dailies and color-finishing team were led by dailies producer Denise Woodgerd and colorist Justin DeLong; Digital Intermediate producer Bob Peishel; DI colorist Skip Kimball; DI editor Nick Hasson; and dailies operational head Chris Van Duyn.