July 24, 2020

Technicolor Returns to Wynonna Earp as Fans Demand Fourth Season

Technicolor’s role expands as Technicolor VFX joins dailies, sound and picture teams that have been working on the show since the start.

“Earpers” (aka Wynonna Earp superfans) have been anxiously awaiting a new season of Wynonna Earp since the finale in September 2018. Season 4 returns with six new episodes that were filmed before production was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Production for the remaining six episodes started in Calgary in July.

Wynonna Earp stars Melanie Scrofano as the title character, a gunslinger cursed to inherit the demon hunter role passed down by her great great-grandfather, Wyatt Earp.

Technicolor has provided dailies and full sound and picture services for the show since its inception and added Technicolor VFX as the lead VFX vendor for season 4.

Principle photography is shot in Calgary, Alberta, and Technicolor provides remote dailies and a DIT is on-set to process and upload content. Full picture post is done at our Toronto location. Cinematographer Gavin Smith and Technicolor Senior Colorist Mark Kueper have established a printed film look that has carried through the four seasons.

“There is a lot of mixed light in the show and color temperature extremes at times. The LUT we made on Wynonna Earp does a lot of the heavy lifting for the show,” said Kueper. “It allows me to work faster and really focus on refining and tweaking shots with Gavin during completion.”

As lead vendor for season 4, Technicolor VFX delivered over 150 shots for the first six episodes. Delivered shots ranged from ghosts to creatures and portals to other worlds.


“The majority of our work was done remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Creative Director Kevin Chandoo. “Our team quickly adapted to working remotely. We used interactive review sessions to collaborate with our clients and our robust pipeline allowed us to give quick feedback to our artists.”

Technicolor Re-recording Mixers Mike Woroniuk and Paul Shubat were able to mix season 4 (episodes1-6) on Stage 8 (Technicolor Toronto) once the lockdown restrictions were eased in Toronto.

“Having our inhouse VFX team as the lead vendor was a huge benefit while mixing,” said Shubat. “Wynonna Earp is a high energy mix where images and VFX push the sound mix. Being able to mix to the final VFX in the show really helps the process.”

Watch Wynonna Earp on SYFY.