July 30, 2016

Technicolor’s MPC VR Brings Their A-Game For GO BABY GO

MPC VR Originals’ GO BABY GO first trailer is released.

Technicolor’s MPC VR released their teaser trailer for GO BABY GO, an original VR production that offers a taste of the full real-time immersive experience in development. The project is staged in an alien galaxy sometime in the not-too-distant future, and features an intergalactic rocket ship/1971 Dodge Challenger hybrid. This is the viewer’s ride as they discover new dimensions and seek their ultimate revenge.



GO BABY GO is the brainchild of MPC VR Director Rob Petrie and Head of VR & Immersive Content Tim Dillon, who are developing the project from the ground up with a team of MPC artists. The real-time interactive release will be in production for launch later in the year and feature a multitude of new visual techniques being developed specifically for the VR project.



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