June 26, 2015

Technicolor’s Ultra-Speed Cable Modem In First DOCSIS 3.1 Interoperability Event by Excentis

As the next generation cable standard DOCSIS 3.1 makes its debut, Technicolor has actively taken part in a first DOCSIS 3.1 interop event organized by Excentis, independent expert center for DOCSIS® technology.


From 22-26 June, Technicolor was in Excentis’ labs (Ghent, Belgium) with its first D3.1 modem, the MediaAccess TC4400, to test and ensure complete interoperability with other equipment. This interoperability event was an important step for the industry as it allows leading modem, chip and CMTS vendors to test implemented DOCSIS 3.1 features in a vendor-independent environment in the presence of DOCSIS 3.1 experts.

The MediaAccess TC4400 cable modem is pioneering Technicolor’s new wave of DOCSIS 3.1 Connected Home devices, crafted to improve quality of services and experiences in the home environment even further. Featuring 32 bonded downstreams and 8 upstreams, and two OFDM channels for downstream and upstream, this next-gen data solution is one of the first cable modems worldwide to deliver download speeds of over 2 Gbps. What’s more, its upstream split design allows for flexible cable plant migration from low, mid to high split frequencies. The TC4400 is currently in lab trial tests at several Tier 1 and 2 cable operators worldwide, making Technicolor one of the first companies worldwide to deliver DOCSIS 3.1 capability in product form.

DOCSIS 3.1, the latest DOCSIS specification delivering gigabit speeds to the home, was released by CableLabs®, the US non-profit consortium that creates specifications for its cable operator members, in October 2013. The deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 solutions will provide significant new value for cable operators and consumers of broadband services including not only much higher speeds, but also quality of experience (active queue management), higher capacity on existing networks (up to 50% bandwidth saving) and energy efficiency (protocols enhancements).