February 09, 2016

Technicolor Tackles Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Creative teams at The Mill, MPC, and Technicolor worked on over half of the ads that aired during the big game.

The Super Bowl might just be the only broadcast where the commercials are seen as entertainment in and of themselves. This year creative teams at The Mill, MPC, and Technicolor worked on spots for highly anticipated blockbuster films as well as some of the hottest commercials from favorite brands. 

Last year Super Bowl ads themselves received over 483 million views online. CBS took note, and for the first time this year’s Super Bowl and the ads were live-streamed. The ads generated millions of views, tweets, and posts across social media.

Early numbers indicate the viewership for Super Bowl 50 was over 114 million people in the United States alone. The commercials present the unique opportunity for Technicolor artists to work on campaigns that are experienced around the world in one united event and then shared globally for weeks to come.

Mark Benson, MPC CEO said; “The Super bowl is an annual show case for creativity in the global Advertising Industry. I am extremely proud that MPC has contributed to some of the highest profile campaigns shown yesterday.  Everyone knows the game is watched in every corner of the World which makes the role played by MPC’s artists in our global studios all the more relevant.”

MPC added magic to an array of commercials that generated post-game press from USA Today, the NY Times, Mashable, and the LA Times. Here is a select highlight reel of the commercials MPC worked on:

  • “Man from the Future,” an LG commercial for the OLED TV launch starring actor Liam Neeson and directed by Ridley Scott, launched under the social media banner “#FutureisHere,” stirring up excitement for the new technology.
  • Mountain Dew’s “puppymonkeybaby” sparked social media buzz, AdvertisingAge ranked it highest in their review article titled “Super Bowl Commercials Are Fun Again” and CNN called it “the weirdest Super Bowl ad ever.”
  • “Walken Closet” featured Christopher Walken in top deadpan form for Kia Motors America. Paul O’Shea, MPC LA creative director/visual effects supervisor recalls, “Mr. Walken also treated us to some wonderful outtakes and ad libs. But his Latina disco sashay to the car, sadly, didn’t make it into the final edit.”

For a full recap of MPC’s Super Bowl 50 ad collaborations, including an ad featuring rock legend Steven Tyler, check out their detailed post-game breakdown.

The Mill worked on numerous ads, with clients ranging from long-standing Super Bowl ad veterans like Bud Light to newer brands like Dollar Shave Club. Here is a select highlight reel of the commercials The Mill worked on:

  • The NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies Choir” featuring Seal cleverly showcased children who were ostensibly conceived right after previous years’ Super Bowls and underscored the NFL’s core theme of football bringing families together; The Mill interviewed the team behind the concept.
  • Avocados from Mexico’s “#AvosInSpace,” a clever and irreverent spot featuring Scott Baio, used pre-game promotion through an online teaser and an interactive website to drum up anticipation and encourage fans to engage on social media.
  • Bud Light’s “#BudLightParty” hopped on the buzz bandwagon surrounding the 2016 presidential election, and teamed up comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, with a guest appearance by Paul Rudd.

To view all of The Mill’s Super Bowl ads, including Mobile Strike’s “Arnold’s Fight” featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, check out their full ad playlist.

Technicolor Marketing Services graded spots for two upcoming blockbusters including

Disney’s debut of a brand new full-length trailer for The Jungle Book, showcasing Jon Favreau’s visually stunning take on the classic tale. The film hits theaters April 15th and comes to life in 3D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D.

The team at Technicolor also graded Marvel’s 30-second teaser for the third installment of its Chris Evans-led Captain America franchise and asked fans to “Choose Your Team” via social media hashtags “#TeamCap” or “#TeamIronMan.” The film comes to theaters May 6th.

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