July 26, 2016

Technicolor Takes New HBO Series Vice Principals Back To School

Technicolor provides an array of services on the new HBO comedy, Vice Principals.

Photo credit: Fred Norris/HBO


Danny McBride and Jody Hill, the comedic minds behind Eastbound & Down, are back as co-creators for the highly anticipated new series, Vice Principals, which premiered on HBO in mid-July. The series boasts a star-studded cast, including Danny McBride himself, Walton Goggins, Georgia King and Busy Phillips.

The teams at Technicolor are responsible for providing an array of services from dailies through delivery of the two-season, eighteen-episode series. Technicolor On-Location Services handled all of the front-end dailies work, sending a system to the set in Charleston, South Carolina, which was operated by dailies colorist Chris Piper over the course of six months.

Technicolor’s VFX team is heavily involved in the visual effects, working on 291 shots total for the first nine episodes (season 1). The VFX services provided include creating CG flames and smoke, face replacements, crowd creations and duplications, monitor, phone & iPad comps, train track extensions, fluid morphs, reflection removals and more. Alex Knudsen manages the in-house producing for the VFX and artists Eroc Moralls, Eli Jarra, Mark Intravartolo, Brian Ross, Jason Wilson and Michael Ross-Lang have all contributed to the visual effects for the series.

Tyler Thorpe manages the in-house producing for editorial, color and final delivery, while Tony Teresi handles editorial duties including assembly, VFX drop-ins, and titling. Color finishing for the series is handled by Steven P. Arkle. Once the picture is complete and the sweetened audio is laid back, it is ready for final delivery dubs which are also handled by Technicolor.

Be sure to tune in to Vice Principals on HBO Sunday nights!

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