March 18, 2014

Technicolor turns up the heat on The Smoke

Technicolor has designed the title sequence for SKY 1 HD new drama The Smoke.


Technicolor has designed the title sequence for SKY 1 HD new drama The Smoke. The show, produced by Kudos Film and Television, delves into the lives of the White Watch, a crew of East London firefighters.


The Smoke stars Jamie Bamber (Law and Order UK, Battlestar Galactica, Band of Brothers) as Kev, a veteran fireman returning to work after suffering an injury in a particularly traumatic fire. The show also stars Jodie Whittaker (Attack the Block, Broadchurch, Black Mirror) and Pippa Bennett-Warner (Death in Paradise, Vera, Southcliffe.)


Technicolor senior designer Dolores McGinley created the sequence based on the concept of taking the audience on a firefighter’s journey through London. “We combined shots taken from the show with fresh footage from a separate elements shoot; these were intercut with iconic visuals of the city to establish a sense of place,” says McGinley.


“I used Flame by Autodesk to cut and layer a series of fast-paced shots of the show’s cast, their equipment and surroundings - my hope is that each time a viewer watches the title sequence they will notice something new. To further enhance the sense of momentum the shots were chopped, coarsely re-scaled and mismatched, Sapphire plug-ins were also used to create effects including dynamic camera defocus and motion blur to heighten the high adrenaline feel.”


The series is currently airing on SKY 1 HD on Thursdays at 9:00pm.


Technicolor Credits

Senior Designer: Dolores McGinley