April 05, 2016

Technicolor Was An Architect Of Amazement At CES 2016

CES 2016 offered a unique opportunity to display all of Technicolor’s latest and emerging technologies.

As the world’s largest and most influential technology event, CES 2016 exceeded record-breaking attendance this year with over 170,000 visitors and 3,800 exhibitors. Over 1,600 guests from 400 companies were able to Feel the Wonder and take the tour of what Technicolor has achieved over the last 100 years as a leading innovator in the art of technology and entertainment.

From content creation through its creative houses, to enhanced delivery with High Dynamic Range and Color Enhancement, to the latest innovations in content consumption, Technicolor is behind every aspect of the end user’s experience. Looking ahead to the next 100 years, Technicolor also presented its position on the next key technologies that will drive the creative technology industry.



Always Bringing Stories to Life 

Content Creation

Every day, the creative and technical teams at Technicolor and its visual effect subsidiaries – MPC, The Mill, Mr. X, and Mikros Image – collaborate with content creators in Hollywood and Madison Avenue to provide expertise in color enhancement, sound, VFX, and animation. With such a wide array of talents, Technicolor plays a major role in the very first stage of the content creation pipeline.


Always Enhancing Your Digital Experience

High Dynamic Range & Color Enhancement

As a leading innovator of HDR, Technicolor not only creates the content, but also facilitates advanced delivery to the home. Demonstrations illustrated how service providers can deliver high quality visual experiences and more realistic entertainment experiences directly to end users in the home with Technicolor’s HDR decoder. Visitors also learned how Technicolor’s HDR Intelligent Tone Management (ITM), Color Enhance, and Color Certified technologies help breathe new life into pre-existing visual experiences by analyzing video in real-time and up-converting all legacy content into HDR – including movies, TV shows, home videos, and video gaming.

Unified OTT

As pioneers in defining the future of aggregated and personalized digital life services at home and on the go, Technicolor highlighted how the LEA user interface allows providers to deliver unified content experiences with an integrated platform that is adaptable, flexible, powerful, and future proof.

Connectivity Excellence

As end users demand higher speeds and better connectivity, Technicolor demonstrates how to optimize user experiences at the fastest speeds, complimented by a range of cloud-based applications that make them even more efficient, such as Wi-Fi Doctor.

Design Language

Technicolor demonstrated how it can help operators craft user-centric design concepts to create new sensations in everyone’s living rooms. With beautiful and personalized designs, operators are sure to strengthen their brand identity.


Always Advancing the Digital Future

Virtual Reality

VR is the next frontier in immersive experiences, and Technicolor is leading the way with cinema, commercial, and episodic content. From the talents of its creative houses MPC and the Mill, Technicolor showcased its major role in the making of high-profile entertainment specifically designed for this medium such as: Gatorade’s first-person baseball experience, Google’s live-action and CG alien invasion, an action-packed scene from Sony Pictures’ Goosebumps, and 20th Century Fox’s stunning Mars exploration.

DNA Storage

As Technicolor celebrates its 100 year anniversary, its final presentation inspired guests to imagine what the next 100 years could bring. In collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Technicolor provided an exploratory demonstration featuring an innovative approach to reliably store and archive media content in the base sequence of DNA and the ability to retrieve the content without error.

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