February 09, 2021

Technicolor’s Creative Studios Support Over 20 Super Bowl Commercials, Despite Covid

Artists across Technicolor’s creative studios The Mill and MPC rally to deliver well over a third of all Super Bowl’s spots

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 9, 2021- Technicolor’s The Mill and MPC demonstrated sweeping visual effects (VFX) leadership in advertising throughout this year’s Super Bowl featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over the Kansas City Chiefs. More than 20 commercials were infused with Technicolor’s award-winning creative services from full production through to visual effects, utilizing emerging technology to finishing, social AR filters to color grading.

“We were thrilled to help implement the ambition and vision from big advertisers and agencies for this year’s Super Bowl commercials,” said David Patton, Head of Advertising at Technicolor. “There is a general optimism expressed for 2021 that you can feel in the humor across many of the ads, which is very different from the beginning of the pandemic. Our advertising revenue from Super Bowl LV ads was higher than last year, highlighting the increasingly central role that creative technology and VFX plays for brands and their investment in capturing consumers’ imagination.”

Technicolor, The Mill and MPC mobilized their talent base throughout the world to increase the quality of production despite the logistical challenges posed by COVID.

“Our strong showing and YOY revenue growth from commercials created for the Super Bowl demonstrates the resilience of our teams in the face of this daunting global pandemic and underpins the value of creative technologies, including VFX – which are critical to the future of content experiences and core to Technicolor’s vision and value proposition,” said Richard Moat, CEO of Technicolor. “In so many ways, COVID has accelerated trends that Technicolor is uniquely positioned to navigate, such as virtual collaboration and production, which come naturally to our digitally native artists and creative teams.”

You can see the round-up of commercials here.


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