October 02, 2015

Technicolor’s Ginny Davis and Tim Sarnoff Offer Solutions for Content Creation

A recent MESA (Media & Entertainment Services Alliance) post authored by Technicolor’s Ginny Davis and Tim Sarnoff has been making the rounds through the industry discussing the importance of the Cloud to disrupt or improve content creation.

The article focuses on the shifting technologies and the relationship between time and collaboration for filmmakers across the board when it comes to resource and content management.[subscribe_reminder]

Davis opines that, “For years, industry has struggled with how to create common platforms and shared resources that facilitate collaboration, but which also provide the security and risk management capabilities that are associated with closed proprietary, private systems. What cloud computing has introduced is a new way to think of the underlying infrastructures that must be interconnected and integrated to produce and distribute cinematic and television programming. An integrated approach to infrastructure virtualization, application program interfaces (APIs), data management, as well as strong identity management (IM) and role-based access control (RBAC), are just a few of the central tenets and organizing principles for cloud computing. These principles abstract the applications – the functional purpose of a piece of software – from the underlying infrastructure.” To read the article in full, visit MESA here.

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