September 25, 2017

Technicolor’s Josh Limor Explains the Bright and Colorful Future of HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enables video content to be created with a greater range of brightness and color than Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). But not all devices are capable of displaying HDR’s full range of brightness and color, so ensuring that HDR content is displayed as best it can be on every device presents a challenge.

One solution to ensuring that HDR content is optimally displayed on every device is to add dynamic metadata to the content. However, there are multiple approaches to accomplishing this, creating confusion for consumers looking to purchase HDR-capable TVs and other consumer devices.

To deal with the complexity of multiple HDR formats—and the need to merge SDR and multiple flavors of HDR content — Technicolor has developed Advanced HDR by Technicolor, a universal distribution solution that allows for any type of content to be delivered and viewed on any device correctly, regardless of whether it is SDR or HDR compatible.

Read more about the complexities of HDR in September’s issue of Widescreen Review, featuring an interview with Technicolor’s Josh Limor, VP Technology and Ecosystem Development.