August 31, 2017

Technicolor’s Kevin Sullivan Explores New Business Models in Logistics and Supply Chains

Listen to "Globalization, complexity, costs, ecommerce spur new business models in logistics and supply chains"

Globalization, complexity, costs and ecommerce are creating key challenges and forging business-to-business and direct-to-consumer models into a single omni-channel. To help companies navigate these changes, third-party logistics and supply chain management providers like Technicolor are evolving, and information and the management of that information are core to their services.

“Supply chains are multinational and getting increasingly more so. It is not uncommon for products to be manufactured in Asia, assembled in Mexico and distributed in the United States,” says Kevin Sullivan, Vice President of Strategy and Development for the Home Entertainment Services division of Technicolor. “When you imagine the supply chains involved in managing all of that product moving across the globe, it is quite complex and growing more so.”

The future supply chain is omni-channel, where goods are drawn from one common inventory and are represented in one common system that can be shared end-to-end, Sullivan says. “Everyone needs to break down the silos. It is not just the supply chain provider or the retailer or the actual product owner, it is all three of them.”

To hear more about the market forces, challenges, new business models and Technicolor’s logistics and supply chain outlook, listen to the full interview with Sullivan in the podcast.