May 24, 2019

Technicolor’s Long-standing Commitment to Improve Environmental and Social Impacts Earns Top 5% Ranking in CSR

Technicolor receives the EcoVadis Gold Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • The full Technicolor Connected Home – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report Executive Summary is available by downloading the white paper.

Technicolor Connected Home’s commitment to applying global CSR initiatives has led to a successful integrated strategy to support climate change initiatives, healthier circular economies, and the protection of human rights/human capital across its various operations

Connected Home’s Climate Change efforts have been designed to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency at every step of the product/service lifecycle – developing eco-friendly products and services; improving the infrastructure to reduce emissions; and maintaining a policy of continuous improvement to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

A prime example is Technicolor Connected Home operations in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, where the site team has installed solar panels generating approximately 10% of the site energy needs – in addition to another 20% of site energy arriving from renewable sources. The factory certified as carbon neutral several years ago.

Technicolor Connected Home endorses a Circular Economy by reusing material, recycling waste, and optimizing raw material. During 2018, Technicolor recycled more than 75% of all its waste. Connected Home’s Manaus operations in Brazil harvests rainwater almost every day, fulfilling c. 70% of the site needs for water and donates half the amount to the nearby community. Connected Home’s design center in Rennes, France, also obtains about 15% of its water needs each year from harvested rainwater.

When it comes to Human Capital, Technicolor Connected Home aims to ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace, strongly promoting gender equality through ambitious talent acquisition and development programs.

With Human Rights at the top of their agenda, Technicolor Connected Home focuses on the working conditions both within the company and at its suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure all are meeting the required standards. Technicolor also aims to eliminate discrimination within the company and throughout its supply chain. For example, as a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), it is committed to ensure that minerals contained in its products are sourced with due respect to Human Rights and the need to avoid contributing to conflicts.

Technicolor Connected Home’s commitment to following responsible policies and practices was ratified in early 2018, by engaging with EcoVadis, an industry recognized CSR assessment supplier, to evaluate the impact of its strategy, as well as rolling-out an assessment of all its suppliers and sub-contractors whose annual spend is more than one million euro.

As a result of these evaluations, Technicolor has been Gold rated by EcoVadis, which indicates that Technicolor is outperforming companies globally in the adoption of sustainable practices in global supply chains, including in its sourcing of suppliers.

In fact, the latest CSR report shows that Technicolor ranks amongst the top 5% of companies overall rated by EcoVadis in the Manufacture of Communication Equipment industry. Specific category results include Environment (top 15% of companies); Labor & Human Rights (top 6%); Sustainable Procurement (top 8%); and Ethics (top 25%).

At Technicolor, CSR is managed at the highest level and built upon a foundation of core values: diligent, inventive, and authentic. To learn more about sustainability as part of doing business, read the full Technicolor Connected Home – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report Executive Summary here:


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