June 19, 2014

True Blood’s final season

HBO’s popular series True Blood enters its seventh and final season this summer

HBO’s popular series True Blood enters its seventh and final season this summer. Technicolor is proud to contribute services to the hit series, and its conclusion will certainly be exciting and emotional for those involved in the show’s creation, as well as for the fans.


Throughout the span of the series, Technicolor has provided an array of services, including complete video and sound post-production- dailies, final color, Foley, ADR, mixing, and visual effects. In its seventh season, True Blood is utilizing utilizing Technicolor's dailies solution to manage their dailies and produce deliverables. 


Technicolor’s Ray Miller provides online editing services and Scott Klein performs the final color correction.  Klein explains, “performing the color correction for the True Blood series has been a blast. In addition to creating the rich, punchy look that is our main palette, the show takes the viewer on visual journeys into both the recent and ancient past, as well as into very expressive, dream-type realities. This allows for tremendous creative, artistic freedom. It’s been an awesome ride!”


Technicolor’s award-winning sound talent has been responsible for all of True Blood’s sound post production services since the series began in 2008. John Benson serves as the sound supervisor, and Pete Elia and Kevin Roache are in charge of the mixing.


The producers of True Blood turn to Technicolor’s Paul Hill for his visual effects expertise. He has worked a minimum of forty hours per episode, and is responsible for everything from digital cosmetics, monitor composites, and weapons effects to 'vamp speeds' (speed-ups for the fast vampire movements) and technical fixes. Technicolor’s collaborative workflow between edit, color and visual effects allows us to efficiently manage a highly demanding and time-sensitive delivery.


Technicolor producers Rachel Hanson and Tyler Thorpe oversee the visual effects and finishing of the series to ensure everything is executed flawlessly.