November 12, 2015

VFX Supervisor & Cinematographer, Richard Edlund, Discusses Star Wars & Technicolor-pioneered Technology

Richard Edlund talks about working on Star Wars and the importance of Technicolor’s role in color science.

In this video celebrating Technicolor’s 100th Anniversary, multiple Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor and cinematographer Richard Edlund gives a brief and awe-filled history of Technicolor’s 3-Strip Camera and fondly calls it, “one of the finest mechanisms built in America in the early 20th century.” Going on to describe his first brush with Technicolor, Edlund discusses what it was like collaborating with John Dykstra and George Lucas while working on Star Wars. While Edlund acknowledges that now anything is possible in motion pictures, he pays special recognition to the history of color science and innovation where Technicolor led the industry and continues to do so with forward momentum.

Watch and learn more Technicolor behind-the-scenes facts (particularly you Star Wars and Gone with the Wind fans out there) in the video below.