July 03, 2014

Virdata successfully on boarded on FlexPod® with OpenStack

Virdata, the Technicolor IoT platform extends its offering, providing enterprises with a private cloud based scalable end-to-end device and application monitoring, device management and big data analytics solution running on OpenStack on Cisco and NetApp’s FlexPod.

The Virdata platform is now available as a pre-integrated solution running on OpenStack on the FlexPod solution as a complement to Virdata’s existing Platform as a Service (PaaS) public cloud offering. Designed for enterprises that require full control of the physical location of their Internet of Things environment, the integration provides complete data storage visibility.


Most options for OpenStack integrated storage solutions aspire to offer scalability, but they often lack the features and performance needed for efficient and cost-effective cloud deployment at scale. NetApp platforms integrated with OpenStack offer a unique combination of advanced storage efficiency, integrated data protection and non-disruptive operations with the ability to scale, all while preserving performance.


With NetApp, a Virdata platform deployment, that combines bare metal instances with several specifically tuned types of Virtual Machines, can easily be delivered while enabling a broad spectrum of cloud service level agreements (SLAs).


By leveraging the power of the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system, the Virdata platform, whether deployed in a private or public cloud context, benefits from the agile data infrastructure that delivers high-performing, efficient and scalable open-source cloud services. NetApp provides a single storage platform that enables quick deployment and low-entry points with the ability to scale large.


With capabilities such as self-healing and integrated data protection for backup and disaster recovery, NetApp solutions are enterprise proven and can help reduce risk for OpenStack deployments.


Now, because NetApp technology is integrated with OpenStack Block Storage, OpenStack Image and OpenStack Compute, the Virdata platform benefits from this proven and highly scalable storage platform to optimize the private and public Virdata Platform deployments while delivering the required SLA’s and related capacity and performance.