February 27, 2014

Winter 2014 Research Digest

Download the most recent edition of our research digest and learn more about Technicolor’s leadership in science and technology

Want to know more about the research and innovations we’re working on at Technicolor? Download our latest Research Digest.  You’ll discover insights from our Strategy Team and can read abstracts of articles that Technicolor researchers have published or presented at conferences throughout the world.


The Winter 2014 issue includes a glimpse of the revolutionary 4D-cinema HapSeat – which is sure to become part of the next generation of immersive entertainment.  There is also an introduction to our new Empath project, which will concentrate on monetizing breakthroughs in biometrics. This issue’s special Focus On section includes four in-depth articles analyzing “Data Explosion in Media and Entertainment”. They address such topics as content-adaptive color transformation in HEVC, scene reordering in movie script alignment, generic video inpainting (Google Best Student Paper Award Winner), and movie synchronization. 


Every year, Technicolor researchers contribute to industry leading-journals and top academic conferences.  The Research Digest contains detailed abstracts of those papers, including citations of where to find the full articles. These articles offer insight into how Technicolor researchers respond to, work with, and influence the scientific community as well as contribute to entertainment industry technology around the world.


The Research Digest is published twice a year, with the summer issue coinciding with the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting and the winter issue aligned with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  


In each issue of The Research Digest you’ll find information about:

  • Awards
  • Notable research results
  • Research and innovation strategies
  • New exploratory products and projects
  • Scientific publications


Each issue also has a special Focus On section that addresses a hot topic in our technology landscape, including:

  • Future of the internet
  • Metadata
  • Visual effects (VFX)
  • Data protection
  • Connected life
  • Compression & coding
  • Data explosions in the media & entertainment industry.


The Research Digest is available free to the public here, at technicolor.com. Download the most recent edition today and learn more about Technicolor’s leadership in science and technology.