Pascal Le Guyadec

Senior Engineer

Home Experience Lab Researchers

Holder of a post Graduate Degree Science and Material Structure (1993 - Grenoble University), I worked a couple of years in the R&D department of Legrand Electric Group. Then I decide to go in for Computer Science by following a long training specialized in software engineering and Telecom. I started working as a software engineer for France Telecom R&D and then I joined a start-up specialized in IP visiophony services (France Telecom spin-off).

I was hired by THOMSON in 2002. I worked in the Advanced VoIP LAB for 4 Years working for european project (HomeNet2Run, MediaNet) dealing with multimedia conversational Services for the home.

I joined Technicolor Paris Lab Research group in 2006. I am in charge of developing Research Measurement tools and deploy Testbeds infrastructure and demos for the Lab.

Since 2012, I'm specialized in design, implementation and deployment of solutions for collecting and exploiting massive amount of user data (Big Data project). In that area, we designed a scalable architecture that use the raw data collected at Home Internet Gateway level to provide advanced real-time Monitoring and User Profiling tools. This solution was successfully deployed by an European ISP.

Research interests:

Big Data, Backend Architecture, Cloud, Virtualisation, Wireless, Testbed, Prototyping


  • Design and deployment of a full architecture to collect and exploit massive amount of user data (Monitoring As A Service Platform - MAAS)
  • Contribution to the Nanodatacenters & Fi-Ware FP7,  European Projects
  • Extensive Measurment study on Linux vs RTOS for DSL gateways
  • Deployement of a wireless & virtualized DSL gateways Testbeds
  • Development of an TDMA wireless prototype on a 802.11 Embedded Card

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Since 2014 Associate Member of the Technicolor Fellowship Network
  • 2013 Engineering Award Winner with the project "Monitoring As A Service Platform"
  • 2012 "Virtualized SetupBox" Demo Selected for being shown at Technicolor Booth in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas
  • 2011 Granted for the contribution to the success of winning the tender launched by Orange for its next generation of multimedia set-top boxes
  • 2009 Best demo Award for "Interference Mitigation in WiFi Networks using Multi-sector Antennas" in ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom), Beijing

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