Pascal Lecocq

Senior Scientist

Immersive Lab Researchers

Short Bio:

I received my PhD degree from university of Marne-la-Vallée in 2001 in collaboration with Renault Research Department. During my PhD I studied and developed real time lighting simulation solutions for driving simulation applications. I spent 4 years at Renault’s Technical Center for Simulation to pursue my research works and lead scientific cooperation with industrials and academics. In 2005 I joined STT a Spanish company located in San Sebastian where I developed real time rendering tools for motion capture and virtual reality applications.

I joined Technicolor in 2010 where I contribute to the development of innovative algorithms and rendering techniques for VFX pre-viz and virtual reality applications

Research interests:

Computer graphics, real time rendering algorithms, physically based lighting, virtual reality applications.

List of achievements:

Best long paper award for publication “Streaming and synchronization of multi-user worlds through HTTP/1.1” at web 3D 2011 conference.


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